As of 01.03.2023 Flooo is part of Rowy 🙌. Flooo and Rowy have a similar mission and complementary products. We've come together to accelerate our shared vision - enabling building backends in low code.

the backend
of yourapp using
a visual flow builder

Flooo is a cutting-edge platform that empowers developers to streamline the process of building Firebase Functions.

Built with love by Yaman

When a new user is created

Create a profile document in Firestore

Send them a welcome email

Notify the users in their contacts


Build Firebase Functions by connecting blocks together.

As easy as building a Lego house. Start by choosing a trigger, and connect it to one or more actions.

Whether you want to send an email, update a Firestore document, or call an external API, you can do it all in Flooo.

Integrate with your favorite tools.

You are not limited to the functionality of Firebase. With a few clicks, you can easily connect your workflow to your favorite tools.

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Firebase Functions

One click away from deployment

After you've built your workflow, you can deploy it to Firebase with a single click.

No need to worry about infrastructure, scaling, or security. Everything is taken care of for you.